DeCrbnX Voluntary Carbon Trading Platform

DeCrbnX is the original voluntary carbon trading platform, that provides carbon emitters, with verified CO2e reductions by creating the highest quality carbon offsets through nature based projects.

How it Works

DeCrbnX creates unique and high quality CO2e offsets by reducing the use of synthetic chemical fertilisers, supporting regenerative agriculture, rewilding projects, and sequestering carbon through nature based projects.


Register your DeCrbnX account and upload your KYC documentation.

Create A Wallet

Create a MetaMask Wallet and add funds by purchasing ETH with your currency of choice.

Start Trading

Start buying and selling CO2e offsets with DeCrbnX tokens on the DeCrbnX platform.

Why Choose the DeCrbnX
Voluntary Carbon Trading Platform?

To withstand shareholder scrutiny, CO2e offsets need to be unique, verifiable and high quality. DeCrbnX offsets are analysed via satellite imagery using Advanced Machine Learning to map, measure and monitor carbon sequestration.

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How DeCrbnX Works

What is DeCrbnX?
Meet the DeCrbnX blockchain...

DeCrbnX is a Cryptocurrency powered by nature based projects. Carbon sequestration is analysed via satelite images and measured via Advanced Machine Learning. CO2e offsets are then minted as NFT's, based upon the volume of CO2e captured, and stored on the DeCrbnX blockchain.

We connect carbon producers with carbon offset projects that enable high quality CO2e NFT's to be minted, stored and traded on the DeCrbnX blockchain at free market rates linked to the Gold Standard carbon price. DeCrbnX is the first NFT based voluntary carbon trading marketplace.

Fully Secure

NFT Based

Smart Contracts

DeCrbnX Blockchain

Gold Standard

Provable Reductions

DeCrbnX Blockchain

DeCrbnX is a decentralised digital currency, backed by NFT’s minted on the DeCrbnX blockchain. NFT's are minted based upon the application of Biolevel bio-stimulants in place of Synthetic Chemical Fertilisers (SCF’s). The production of SCF’s such as Nitrogen and Phosphorous is the single biggest contributor to global warming. By reducing SCF’s, a CO2e reduction is easily calculated which forms a carbon offset value (calculated in metric tonnes).

This volume of CO2e not emitted is stored as a value on the NFT which can be sold to a CO2 emitter wishing to offset the same volume via the DeCrbnX platform. As the crop grows, CO2 is sequestered in the crop root and using satellite image analysis with Advanced Machine Learning, further CO2e reductions are calculated and proven, thereby increasing the value of the NFT, based upon the Gold Standard carbon price.

Initial Coin Offering



  • Start Time : December 5th 2022 (Monday 9.00 AM)
  • Hard Caps : £uncapped
  • Available Coins : £10m
  • End Time : 31st December 2022 (Friday 5.00 PM)
  • Soft Caps : £1m
  • Acceptable Currency: ETH, Fiat Currency

Save and Invest with DeCrbnX
Reduce CO2e and Increase Yields

As the cost of energy increases, the cost of bulk fertilisers such as Nitrogen and Phosphorous are soaring. These Synthetic Chemical Fertilisers also damage the earth, causing soil degradation, leaching into the water table, which increases the cost of commodities such as maize, soybean and potatoes. Biostimulant’s from Biolevel are the solution.

Food security is of paramount importance to countries around the world, and Biolevel biostimulant's are proven to reduce SCF usage and increase yields. Farmers who choose to replace SCF’s with Biolevel biostimulant’s are rewarded with NFT’s that store CO2e offsets on the DeCrbnX platform. These CO2e offsets can then be bought and sold with DeCrbnX tokens.

The DeCrbnX app is scheduled for release in June 2022.

Agricultural Emissions By Sector

For every metric tonne of Nitrogen fertiliser, four metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide are emitted (CO2e). The US Environmental Protection Agency attributes 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions primarily to Agriculture. Of this, SCF usage accounts for 11.8% of CO2e.

  • 39.3% Enteric Fermentation
  • 15.2% Manure Left On Pasture
  • 11.8% Synthetic Chemical Fertilisers
  • 10.1% Rice Cultivation
  • 6.8% Manure Management

Token Distribution

To ensure inclusive governance, DeCrbnX is offered via liquidity mining, or yield farming, which rewards early adopters and token holders with exceptional growth. For this reason, our ICO will be uncapped.

  • 28% Presale and Crowdsale
  • 26 % Nature Based Projects and Agri Partners
  • 16% Project Team Members
  • 14% Bonus and Reserve
  • 11% Sales and Marketing Campaign
  • 5 % Legal and Financial

DeCrbnX Roadmap

DeCrbnX is the original NFT based voluntary carbon trading marketplace. Here's our development roadmap with key milestones...

December 2021

DeCrbnX incorporated to develop the idea & begin building the DeCrbnX platform.

August 2022

Seed capital sought via invitation only DeCrbnX token presale offering.

October 2022

Preparing for ICO and launch, DeCrbnX platform BETA release.

April 2022

Microsoft sponsorship received, DeCrbnX blockchain began mining, DeCrbnX tokens created.

May 2022

Initial nature based projects selected, DeCrbnX grower app BETA.

DeCembR 2022

DeCrbnX token crowd sale and marketing campaign begins.

DeCrbnX Whitepaper

DeCrbnX creates unique and high quality CO2e offsets by reducing the use of synthetic chemical fertilisers, supporting regenerative agriculture, rewilding projects, and sequestering carbon through nature based projects.

DeCrbnX tokens are the cryptocurrency used to buy and sell NFT’s minted against units of CO2e by those projects. CO2e offsets are minted as NFT's, based upon the volume of CO2e captured, and stored on the DeCrbnX blockchain.

Our whitepaper provides a detailed breakdown of the project, our team and financials including token release and marketplace consideration.


The DeCrbnX Team

With extensive experience in biostimulant's, AgriTech, and financial securities and capital markets our team is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this emerging market opportunity.

George Smith CEO

Managing Director of Strategic Carbon and Co-Founder of DeCrbnX. Technical lead in Blockchain technologies, Web 3.0, DeFi, and NFT's.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of DeCrbnX. Our advisory board provide flexibility in structure and management to the founders.

Laurence Berman Founder

Led Biolevel’s commercial deployment with key customer accounts in the Europe and Africa. Incorporated DeCrbnX in December 2021.

Lutz Glandorf Founder

Led Biolevel’s commercial deployment with key customer accounts in the US. Masters degree from Columbia University and a BA from Williams College.

Simon Hill Agronomist

26 year track record for designing and executing strategies that accelerate and elevate organisational growth for companies across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive with regards to the DeCrbnX platform and DeCrbnX tokens.

1. How does traditional agricultural farming work?

Traditional farmers prepare a harvest by applying pesticides to poison all plants in the ground. Synthetic Chemical Fertilisers such as Nitrogen or Phosphorus are then applied to give plants a temporary boost but do little to stimulate soil life, improve soil texture, or improve your soil's long-term fertility. They're highly water-soluble and can leach into waterways. Crops then grow and are harvested for sale through distributors.

2. How are Biostimulant's different?

Biolevel’s researched and field-tested microbial consortia work synergistically to amplify the beneficial effects of soil biology. Biolevel's robust tailored microbial products improve the health of soil while stimulating plant growth generating higher yields and better return on investment. They can be used alone, as a seed treatment or co-applied with other inputs.

3. How can nature based projects generate revenue with DeCrbnX?

By replacing SCF's with Biostimulant's, a QR code is applied to each application of Biolevel product. For each tonne of SCF not used, i.e. Nitrogen, 4 tonnes of CO2 isn't emitted. This creates a NFT for 4 tonnes of CO2 which is then assigned to the farmers wallet. Whilst crops grow, carbon is sequestered and measured via satelite imagery and Advanced Machine Learning. The farmers wallet is then topped up when the crop is harvested with the value of CO2 sequestered.

4. How are carbon emissions verified?

SCF's are applied by calculating the volume of area to be treated, the crop to be produced, and the yield required by weight. Crops are then sown and treated. By reducing or replacing SCF's with biostimulants, a calculable CO2 reduction is achieved for the first NFT to be minted. As crops grow, carbon is sequestered in the root ball (rhizosphere). Using ‎analysis of satellite imagery using deep learning to map, measure and monitor carbon sequestration, a second calculable reduction is is achieved and added to the blockchain via the NFT. Each carbon emission is entirely new, unique and entirely verifiable.

DeCrbnX Partners

The DeCrbnX platform and DeCrbnX tokens are powered through the following strategic partnerships.